Our Children

NASHI is an entirely volunteer non-profit organization that is addressing the issue of human trafficking locally and globally. Our goal is to bring to light human trafficking around the world while funding and maintaining our Maple Leaf House for at-risk children in Ukraine.

Our Mission.

NASHI continues to be completely volunteer-based, with no salaried employees or directors. All the work is done by a small non-salaried Board plus a core of members and volunteers. As the Maple Leaf House grows to its capacity of 20 girls, we continue fundraising to cover the operating and maintenance costs, as well as to provide post-secondary education for the girls. Just like our own children, these girls are our responsibility until they are employed and able to care for themselves. We have girls ranging from 5 to 16 years old, so some will be our responsibility for more than 15 years. The annual Perogy Paradise will continue to act as our main fundraising event, with 40% of the proceeds covering our operating expenses. The remaining 60% of proceeds and 100% of all donations continue to be directed to our projects. Sustainability via monthly giving initiatives need your involvement.

The Maple Leaf House.

Maple Leaf House

The original Maple Leaf House building was an abandoned kindergarten that had been vacant for many years. A local general contractor was hired along with skilled local workers. Overgrowth and excess trees were cleared and interior demolition began. This was a long process that involved taking the structure down to bare brick and completely rebuilding the plumbing and wiring for the building. New flooring had to be poured and some interior structure replaced. The facility has dual heat sources with a boiler system that can utilize either natural gas or wood.

A Little Help From Canada

Several volunteer trips went to the project to provide labour. Here, some volunteers are removing old plaster and tile from the core interior brick walls. In order to build the rooms required, we raised the flat roof to create a 3rd floor with dormers. A local brick factory was re-opened to provide materials.

The Finished Home

Construction took several years and progressed as funding through donations and NASHI events became available. The result is a 13,000 square foot home with kitchen and dining areas, offices, laundry facilities, classrooms, common areas for socializing and play, bedrooms for 20 girls and 5 full bathrooms. There are two walls in the dining area decorated with maple leaf plaques showcasing the names of those who contributed to that initial construction and supported NASHI throughout.

Nashi News.

Nashi’s Auto Lotto!

Nashi’s Auto Lotto!

Grand Prize: 2005 Classic Thunderbird. Best and Rarest Version of the Final T-Bird. 50th Anniversary Edition with only 8900 km. Hard and soft top.
NASHI’S 20TH Anniversary Gala

NASHI’S 20TH Anniversary Gala

We are so excited to be celebrating our 20th anniversary! This is a huge milestone and will focus on what NASHI has accomplished in 20 years. We’re thrilled and grateful to be able to share this with you – our supporters and volunteers.
Winter 2023 Newsletter

Winter 2023 Newsletter

While our girls moved to safety in Poland and are now enrolled in the Polish village school, we still keep the doors of the Maple Leaf House open to families or individuals fleeing from areas under attack by Russian. We provide food and shelter to internally displaced children and families. As the crisis continues, NASHI is committed to upkeeping our Maple Leaf House and also our adopted home in Poland.

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